What is

Belgravia Dental Studio

I am Vladimir Alexandrovskiy, the founder and General Director of Belgravia Dental Studio.

My whole life has been associated with dentistry. 11 years ago I opened a dental practice for children in Moscow called Dental Fantasy. We were the first to treat children according to world standards of reliability and quality. We are the leaders in pediatric dentistry in Russia!!

The parents of our little patients asked us to treat them like we treat their children – gently and patiently, so we opened a dental clinic for adults, the Belgravia Dental Studio, where we offer patients the very best in dental services.

In November 2016 all Belgravia Dental Studio clinics were accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), ensuring we comply with the highest world standards of quality care and patient safety. Our JCI certificate confirms our status as a leading clinic.

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Advantages of Belgravia Dental Studio
Advanced technologies at a dental clinic
  • The best dental equipment from Europe
  • Dental care for adults according to leading world standards
  • Decay and pulpitis treatment with a microscope, the most precise prosthetics and tooth restoration with the best materials, advanced methods of occlusal correction, treatment under sedation and while sleeping.
Advantages of Belgravia Dental Studio

At Belgravia Dental Studio

  • Careful and qualified treatment of patients with special needs
  • Safe dentistry for expectant mothers
  • Gentle care for patients with serious organ diseases
  • Specific programs for the elderly (anti-age)
Advantages of Belgravia Dental Studio
  • A respectful and considerate approach to every client
  • A personal coordinator will remind you about your forthcoming appointment, explain the essence of every procedure, and discuss the most suitable treatment conditions
  • A welcoming interior, fragrant coffee and delicious tea, Wi-Fi, disposable toothbrushes and dental floss for each appointment
  • Doctor’s rooms are equipped to the latest standards with comfortable dental chairs and the opportunity to watch your favorite movie during the procedure.
Advantages of Belgravia Dental Studio
  • We successfully handle any complexities that require scrupulous diagnostics and high professionalism
  • The Belgravia team contains experienced dental therapists, endodontists, orthopedists, surgeons, implantologists, periodontists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and hygienists
  • We organize conciliums to clarify each diagnosis and optimize the course of treatment
Our Services


  • Diagnostics of dental diseases
  • CT scan of the teeth
  • Visiograph
  • X-ray diagnostics of denture

Dental Therapy

  • Dental treatment: decay, pulpitis, gum disease, trauma
  • Dental care
  • Dental care without drilling
  • Decay treatment using ICON method
  • Pulpitis treatment
  • Root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • Dental care under microscope
  • Ozone therapy: treatment of decay and gum diseases
  • Treatment of gum and dental traumas
  • Individual sports gumshields
  • Gum treatment

Aesthetic stomatology

  • Aesthetic stomatology: restoration, veneers
  • Aesthetic stomatology
  • Veneers and lumineers
  • Composite veneers

Implantology & surgery

  • Dental implantation and osteoplasty
  • Surgical dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Extraction of a wisdom tooth
  • Extraction of a retained tooth
  • Osteoplasty


  • Orthopedy: inlays, crowns, bridges
  • Removable dental prosthetics
  • Clasp dental prosthetics
  • Bridge prosthetics
  • Microprosthetics (inlays)
  • Ceramic crowns
  • Prosthesis on the implants
  • Metal-ceramic crowns


  • Orthodontics: braces, gumshields, retainers
  • Braces for adults
  • Sapphire braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual invisible braces
  • Invisible braces Incognito
  • Invisalign Gumshields
  • Damon Self-regulating braces
  • Retainers

Dental hygiene and bleaching

  • Dental hygiene and bleaching
  • Tooth scaling
  • Air Flow Tooth brushing
  • Fluorination and remineralization
  • White Wedding – ZOOM4 bleaching for a wedding!
  • ZOOM4 Bleaching — 29 990 rubles, for two — 44 990 rubles!
  • ZOOM 4 Dental bleaching
  • Home and office Opalescence dental bleaching
  • Home bleaching — Crest Whitestrips

Antistress dentistry

  • Dental care under sedation
  • Dental treatment under general anesthetic in Moscow

Special programms

  • Anti-Agе Stomatology
  • Dental Care for Smokers: a comprehensive program for those who smoke
  • «Healthy mum» – maternity program

Dental trauma

  • Broken tooth
  • Dislocation tooth
  • Knocked out Tooth

Digital Dentistry (CAD/CAM Technology)

  • Digital Dentistry CAD/CAM. How will it solve your problem?
  • Test drive of your future smile (Digital Smile Design)
  • Dental ceramic crowns with CAD/CAM technology
Our clinics

Belgravia in Moscow

Open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm


Molodogvardeyskaya Street 2, building 1

Prospect Mira

Prospect Mira 36, building 1

Rechnoy Vokzal

Leningradskoye Shosse 92a

Novye Cheremushki

Garibaldi Street 15


Efremova street, 10, building 4/5 (Residential Complex Garden Quarters, 4 quarter)

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